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Worth Sharing – January 29, 2021 Edition

PART 1: ‘The Workforce Behind The Workforce’: Confronting Colorado’s Critical Child Care Staffing Shortage

Low pay and high turnover are fueling a crisis in who cares for Colorado’s young children, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic rages.

PART 2: Refugee And Immigrant Women Show Promise As A Pipeline For New Colorado Early Childhood Educators

The Pamoja Early Childhood Education Workforce Program, a pilot program, aims to increase the number of early childhood educators who are fluent in multiple languages and meet Colorado’s growing need.

PART 3: Apprenticeships Aren’t Just For The Trades. It’s Also A Way To Bolster Colorado’s Early Childhood Workforce

Vivian Darby, 36, is finally where she’s supposed to be. The funny, gregarious Colorado native is playing in a big sandbox on a sunny winter day. She’s surrounded by a posse of young children. She sings with them. Runs with them. Screams with them. Gently admonishes them.