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Worth Sharing – November 11, 2021 Edition

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Save $113 on genetic testing. 

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Did you know that Ashkenazi Jewish men and women face a 10 times greater risk of carrying mutations in their BRCA genes. This increases their risk for breast, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate cancers.

The good news is that many of these cancers can be prevented if a person’s genetic risk is known. JScreen’s CancerGEN test analyzes the BRCA genes and over 60 other cancer-susceptibility genes to determine genetic risk for different types of cancer. This information can save lives! If testing shows there is a mutation in a cancer gene, action can be taken to help prevent cancer.

JScreen’s ReproGEN test (for diseases like Tay-Sachs, cystic fibrosis and over 200 others) is available to those who are planning to start or expand their families. Both tests are done from the comfort of home on saliva, and telehealth genetic counseling is included.