The Efshar Project partners with community leaders to develop innovative solutions to workforce development challenges and to provide cutting edge resources to further develop pedagogy and leadership skills among our educators and school leaders.

Partner Schools

Denver, CO

— BRI School

BRI School educational consultants provide early childhood education consulting and developmental strategies for families interested in realizing their ECE goals. Download Flyer

Denver, CO

— Denver Early Childhood Council

Denver’s Early Childhood Council works to facilitate a strong system to meet the needs of the youngest children and their families. Learn more

Denver, CO

— Early Childhood Service Corps

ECSC is an innovative, intergenerational response to the critical workforce need in the Early Childhood Field and to the unprecedented departure of older Americans from the workforce. Our program recruits, trains and deploys older adults to serve in the Early Childhood Field in the state of Colorado. Learn More

Boulder, CO

— Empowering Communities Globally

ECG’s mission is to reduce the impact of poverty in the world’s marginalized, vulnerated, and underserved populations by empowering communities through participation and education. Through compassionate and holistic early childhood care, development, and education we empower local primary caregivers providing support and access to learn about preventative healthcare, community development, child development and ways to strengthen protective factors. Learn More


— Colorado Children's Campaign

The Colorado Children’s Campaign is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization committed since 1985 to realizing every chance for every child in Colorado. Using the most accurate, compelling data and research on child well-being and backed by an extensive, statewide network of dedicated child advocates, the Children’s Campaign champions policies and programs that improve child health, early childhood experiences, and K-12 education, help lift children out of poverty and provide all of Colorado’s children the opportunity to reach their full potential. Learn More


— Colorado Department of Early Childhood

The Colorado Department of Early Childhood ensures the delivery of a comprehensive, community-informed, data-driven, high quality and equitable early childhood system that supports the care, education and well-being of all Colorado’s young children, their families and early childhood professionals in all settings. Learn More



EPIC (Executives Partnering to Invest in Children) is a collaborative of business leaders, nonprofits and foundations promoting early childhood care, education, health and parenting as the highest priority of public and private investment in Colorado. EPIC advocates for early childhood investment in the workplace and in the community. Learn More


— Jewish Explorers

Since 2013, Jewish Explorers has been creating fun, inclusive, and experiential educational programs that empower Jewish and interfaith families to find meaningful and relevant ways to practice Judaism in their homes and their communities. Learn More


— PJ Library

PJ Library provides the Jewish stories that can help your family talk about the values and traditions that are important to you. No matter your background, knowledge, family make-up, affiliation, or level of observance, PJ Library welcomes you to become a member of our family. Learn More


— Repair the World Service Corps

Repair the World is a national organization dedicated to mobilizing Jews and their communities to take action to pursue a just world. Repair the World’s Service Corps is a part-time, paid program for young adults and college students (age 18-29) in Colorado. Corps members volunteer for 10-12 weeks with local nonprofit partners while learning and reflecting with their peers through cohort trainings. Learn More

United States

— Hear Our Voices

Listening to and advocating for children, families, and early childhood education. Learn more

United States

— Paradigm Project

The Paradigm Project is a growing network of practitioner-activists passionate about envisioning and realizing the incredible potential of the early childhood years for children, families, educators, and communities. Learn More

North America

— Sheva Center

The Sheva Center is an innovative approach to early childhood education, empowering teachers and directors, and positioning JCC early childhood education centers as examples of excellence. Learn More