Partner Schools

Denver, CO

— BRI School

BRI School educational consultants provide early childhood education consulting and developmental strategies for families interested in realizing their ECE goals. Download Flyer

Denver, CO

— Denver Early Childhood Council

Denver’s Early Childhood Council works to facilitate a strong system to meet the needs of the youngest children and their families. Learn more

Denver, CO

— Early Childhood Service Corps

In collaboration with Denver Early Childhood Council, Denver Preschool Program and Mile High Early Learning, and metro Denver early childhood centers, Experience Engaged is conducting a program that allows older adults to provide professional support to address challenges confronting the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Workforce. Learn More

Boulder, CO

— Empowering Communities Globally

ECG’s mission is to reduce the impact of poverty in the world’s marginalized, vulnerated, and underserved populations by empowering communities through participation and education. Through compassionate and holistic early childhood care, development, and education we empower local primary caregivers providing support and access to learn about preventative healthcare, community development, child development and ways to strengthen protective factors. Learn More

United States

— Paradigm Project

The Paradigm Project is a growing network of practitioner-activists passionate about envisioning and realizing the incredible potential of the early childhood years for children, families, educators, and communities. Learn More

North America

— Sheva Center

The Sheva Center is an innovative approach to early childhood education, empowering teachers and directors, and positioning JCC early childhood education centers as examples of excellence. Learn More

United States

— Hear Our Voices

Listening to and advocating for children, families, and early childhood education. Learn more

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