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Infant Program: Defined as care for children between six (6) weeks and eighteen (18) months.

Toddler Program: Defined as care for children between the ages of twelve (12) months (when walking independently) and thirty-six (36) months of age.

Kosher Dietary Laws Observed:
Each school varies in their level of observance. Please contact each school to learn more about their food policies.

Financial Assistance:
1. Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP)
2. Denver Preschool Program (DPP)

JEWISHcolorado provides annual scholarships for families with at least one Jewish parent. Schools may also offer additional scholarships as well.

Colorado Shines Rating:
More information about the ratings can be found here: Colorado Shines for Families
Colorado Shine’s Childcare Checklist


We do offer built in enrichments during the day; COVID has impacted a lot of these.

GAN: Enrichments included in schedule.

GPS: Most of the enrichments are included in full-day tuition.

PBJ: Our enrichment and early/late hours are part of our 8-4 operating hours.

RSE and SLJ: Infant program begins at 8 weeks.

TSP: Start at 15 months and confidently walking. All enrichments are included in full-day tuition.