ECE Finance 101

Understanding the True Cost of Early Care and Education

Why is the cost of ECE so high and yet early childhood caregivers and educators are underpaid? What are the factors that influence the high cost of care? What can we do about it as a community?

Simon Workman from P5FS joined The Efshar Project during a virtual presentation on Thursday, September 8, 2022, to launch our yearlong project to dive into the systematic issues facing early childhood education in our Jewish community. Our ECE Finance 101 presentation provided a foundational framework for us to understand the challenges as a community.

The presentation was recorded and can be viewed via this Zoom link using passcode: ^QFEy7rg.

Efshar is leading the charge to understand the true cost of high quality Jewish ECE and develop community-driven solutions to raise compensation to ensure we can find, keep, and grow the greatest educators and leaders in our community.

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