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Sunil060902, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lindsey Levin-Salamon: Advocating for Colorado’s Early Childhood Educators

Lindsey Levin-Salamon, director of BMH-BJ Preschool, cares about kids, and this is why she is advocating for teachers! On February 3, 2022, Lindsey testified before the Colorado General Assembly’s House Education Committee in favor of House Bill 22-1010.

This bill proposes a tax credit for early childhood educators across Colorado. “Quality early educators are the backbone of quality care for children,” explains Lindsey, “yet recruiting and retaining teachers is a significant challenge for the early education sector.” Lindsey testified to the House Education Committee that, “The teachers at BMH-BJ are phenomenal. They use art, songs, and movement to teach children…yet many of [the school’s] teachers work between two to four jobs to make ends meet.” Lindsey told lawmakers, “It is difficult to watch these skilled, committed, experienced professionals forced to work so hard.”

ECE professionals across the state face the difficult decision of working in a profession they love, or seeking higher wages in another field.

Lindsey called on the House Education Committee to support House Bill 22-1010 as an important recruitment and retention tool for childcare and education centers in Colorado. The bill passed the committee with an 8-1 vote and strong bipartisan support! It now moves onto two more committees. Show your support for early childhood education by signing this petition asking lawmakers to pass House Bill 22-1010.

If you would like to join Lindsey in advocating for public support of quality early childhood education, please email: